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Veri-TrileGeneral Questions

Recommended For Single Use Applications In

-Hospitals and medical care facilities
-Dental offices
-Janitorial services
-Hotels and hospitality vendors
-Food services
-Non-toxic industrial and manufacturing facilities
-Light- duty landscaping and gardening
-General services


-Examination Grade
-FDA 510K 
-In compliance with EN 455 and EN 374
-In compliance with ASTM D6319 and D6978
-In compliance with CE 2777 (EU 2016/425)

Packaging & Bulk Shipping Specifications:

100 gloves per box (by weight)

10 boxes per carton

40 foot container = [3,060 cartons / 30,600 Boxes]

Cartons via Air determined by the capacity of selected cargo carrier

Supply Chain & Logistics

Our factory-direct relationships and time-tested experience in international logistics provide our clients with peace of mind throughout the order process.  Nothing is left to chance; we control the fulfillment of inventory from shore to shore, from factory export to landed import, including customs clearances and warehousing. 

Because we are the supply chain, we can provide the best real time estimates of production, shipping, and delivery times.  Purchasers have several options for taking possession of their inventory, including: 

  • EXW
  • FOB
  • CIF (Port of Choice)
  • CIF (Warehouse of choice near port of call)
  • DDP
Finance Options

International purchasing is complex, with layers of compliance to satisfy and security to validate.  We are highly experienced in each stage of the process.  As a seamless solutions provider, we offer credit worthy customers an array of financing choices, based on your delivery preference.  One of our professional team members can advise and guide you to the best expedited option for fulfilling your order.  Contact us to request further details. 

Order Process & Verifications

At Veri-Trile, each client transaction is unique.  We have streamlined standard ordering procedures to be efficient, quick, accurate, and secure.  We practice mutual transparency and provide all requisite disclosures, including SGS reports, SCCA factory audits and our contracts with our manufacturers.  We even have one of our employees stationed at each production facility.

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Full Product Deck:

VERITRILE NITRILE GLOVES are quality crafted for durability and dexterity. They provide maximum comfort, resilience, and tactile sensitivity even under demanding use

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